Maritta Philp
MD, Coach, Therapist, and Author

I love reading biographies.

It’s fascinating to me to see how people got to where they are—to see the steps they took and the development they went through. The most interesting biographies are the ones that are honest and authentic, which speak of struggle and failures as well as success and accomplishments, allowing us to see the person behind the persona.

My own life has, of course, had its ups and downs.

Born in Germany I grew up in a little village before moving to a larger town following the divorce of my parents. I have always been interested in people and what drives us to do what we do.

At the time, I thought the best way to learn more about people was to become a doctor. I went to medical school, and after graduating as a doctor, I moved to England to begin my training to become a GP. I also took some time out to study psychology and philosophy at the University of Canterbury.

Having moved to Scotland, I worked for many years as a GP partner, training to become a hypno-psychotherapist and seeing clients privately.

This culminated in training with Marisa Peer as a Rapid Transformational Therapist, an approach that brought about rapid personal transformation in only one or two deep dive sessions.

In addition to this, I trained as a shamanic practitioner and as a coach in my ongoing quest for healing and wholeness. I have struggled for a long time with these contradicting approaches. Medicine, hypnosis, psychotherapy, shamanic practise, and energy work didn’t seem to go together. In truth, they are all simply aspects of life, looked at through different lenses, different beliefs, and different paradigms.

The call to grow, become authentic and step fully into my own power as a woman has grown louder as the years have gone by. Working for many years in a male-dominated culture came with a cost. It came with a fear to speak my truth, to keep quiet when I should have spoken out, and to adapt to what I thought was needed to be successful.

The journey to wholeness, empowerment and authenticity is not always easy. It requires courage, commitment and trust.

Though the path might not always be clearly visible, I know the answers are deep within me and you.

I passionately believe that there is nothing more thrilling and exciting than uncovering who you truly are, living authentically and creating a life of freedom and joy. Like any hero’s journey, this is not for the faint of heart, as it requires the courage to look deep within, to enter the forest at the darkest point, to face your shadow, and to create yourself anew.

I offer a whole-person approach to personal and spiritual development, drawing on my experience as a doctor, therapist, mentor and coach, addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Healing on all levels is necessary for a truly exceptional life.

If this speaks to you, what are you waiting for? If not now, when then? Get in touch, and let’s have a chat about what is possible.

“Relationships Are Steppingstones for the Evolution of Our Consciousness.” — Alaric Hutchinson

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