Assessment of Current Development (iConscious)

Assessment of Current Development (iConscious)

Are you actively participating in personal and spiritual development workshops and seeking to gauge your progress? The iConscious assessment is a valuable and comprehensive tool that provides deep insights into your current stage of development across five critical areas. Armed with this knowledge, you gain the empowerment to focus on specific facets of your personal growth journey that hold the greatest potential for transformation.

This insightful assessment serves as a compass, guiding you on a purposeful and impactful developmental path and ensuring that your efforts yield meaningful and measurable results. Whether you're on a quest for self-improvement, seeking to enhance your relationships, or striving for professional growth, iConscious can be your trusted companion on this fulfilling journey of self-discovery and development.

This is a two-hour appointment, allowing us to enough time to dive deep into the 5 areas critical for your overall development.

“Relationships Are Steppingstones for the Evolution of Our Consciousness.” — Alaric Hutchinson

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