Discovering Resilience and Transformation in "Dream to Rise"

Discovering Resilience and Transformation in "Dream to Rise"

"Dream to Rise" is an inspiring anthology that showcases the powerful stories of 19 authors, predominantly women, who have overcome significant challenges and adversities. Among these compelling narratives is a chapter by Dr. Maritta Philp titled "Changing (Elevating) Perspectives." In this section, Dr. Philp explores the profound impact of childhood trauma and discusses the common trap of becoming ensnared by one's own perspectives, mistaking them for absolute truths when they are often shaped by our experiences and biases.

Dr. Maritta Philp, a seasoned therapist and coach, delves into the process of healing and transforming one's life by confronting and overcoming such ingrained beliefs. Her insights offer a roadmap for anyone looking to break free from the past and foster conscious, healthy relationships.

For those eager to learn more directly from Dr. Philp, she will be featured in an upcoming episode of the "Rise & Shine - She Rises Studios Podcast." This episode will further discuss the themes of her chapter and the broader context of the book. The episode is scheduled to go live on Monday, April 29th, and can be accessed here:

If you're interested in personal guidance from Dr. Philp or in exploring her sessions and programs to start your healing journey and create conscious relationships, you can reach out to her directly for more information and support. Contact Dr. Maritta here.

This book and Dr. Philp's chapter are not just readings; they are invitations to transform and rise, echoing the collective strength and resilience of its contributors.

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“Relationships Are Steppingstones for the Evolution of Our Consciousness.” — Alaric Hutchinson

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