Transforming Lives Through Conscious Coaching

Are you ready to transform your life? Welcome to Belmar Coaching and Therapy, the premier destination for conscious relationship healing, wholeness, and ...

Nurturing Conscious Relationships

At our core, I am all about conscious relationships. I believe that these relationships are fertile ground for healing, wholeness, and transformation to ...

Journey to Wholeness and Authenticity

The journey to wholeness, empowerment, and authenticity is not always easy. It requires courage, commitment, and trust. Though the path might not always ...


Manpreet Atwal

19 July 2024
2 days ago
I have worked with Maritta since March 2021, firstly focussing purely on therapy then subsequently moving to coaching with therapy where needed. As a starting ...
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Baljit Kaur

18 July 2024
2 days ago
Maritta has really supported me over the past couple of years. Maritta develops a calm and relaxed environment for the meetings which made me feel comfortable t...
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